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Friday, April 9, 2010

My Healthy Hair Journey

Hello Friends. I am so excited about this Healthy Hair Journey. I created this blog and the entire Healthy Hair Society because there is such a huge need for good and true information. When I began on my healthy hair journey about 3 years ago, I was determined to find the best information I could. What I found was a maze of so much different and sometimes conflicting information that I was compelled to do my own research.

I visited youtube and scoured all of the advice. I've visited hundreds of blogs and forums. You name it - if it had to do with healthy hair for African American women I went there. Although I started my journey as an African American woman determined to help my Soul Sisters with the truth I also discovered that there were many women who were not of African desent but also had serious concerns about growing and maintaining a healthy head of hair.

I will in some instances share information that is useful for all women but for the sake of all the misinformation regarding AA hair many of the info is pertaining to how to care for and grow a healthy head of hair from the inside out.

In this blog we will deal with Proper Hair care as well as some incredible info sharing on nutritional products we have found to be very beneficial to the well being of our hair, skin and total body.

We encourage your feedback. This Society can only get as large and be as beneficical as the people who contribute to it.

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